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  • In depth content that covers technical prescription for horizontal and vertical pull patterns and open arc and how to progress and regress these and their variants

  • Practical applications on how to modify the exercise to work around common musculoskeletal complaints

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Course Instruction

    • Contact Details

    • 1.Introduction

    • Upper Body Pull Workshop PDF

  • 2

    Module 1 Assessment Strategies

    • 2.Module 1 Assessment Strategies

    • 3.Active Shoulder Assessment

    • 4.Closed packed shoulder assessment strategies

    • 5.Assessing For Closed Packed Shoulder

    • 6.Scapulothoracic assessment and exercise strategies

    • 7.Scapular Assessment & Exercise

  • 3

    Module 2 Beginner

    • 8.Module 2 Beginner

    • 9.Isolated Shoulder Girdle Exercises

    • 10.Horizontal bodyweight pull

    • 11.Horizontal Pull Bodyweight Exercise Variations

    • 12.Horizontal pull cable start positions

    • 13.Horizontal Pull Cable Start Positions

    • 14.Horizontal pull cable variations

    • 15.Horizontal Pull Cable Variations

    • 16.Horizontal pull free weight variations

    • 17.Horizontal Pull Freeweight Exercise Variations

    • 18.Vertical pull band cable variations

    • 19.Vertical Pull Band / Cable Pull Variations

    • 20.Vertical pull grip hand hold positions

    • 21.Vertical Pull Grip Hand Hold Positions

    • 22.Dumbbell open arc variations

    • 23.Dumbbell Open Arc Variations

    • 24.Weight plate open arc variations

    • 25.Weight Plate Open Arc Variations

    • 26.Double arm cable open arc start positions

    • 27.Double Arm Cable Open Arc Start Positions

    • 28.Open arc double arm

    • 29.Double Arm Open Arc Variations

    • 30.Single arm open / closing arc with lateral weight shift

    • 31.Single Arm Open and Closing Arc With Lateral Weight Shift

  • 4

    Module 3 Advanced

    • 32.Module 3 Advanced

    • 33.Face Pull Exercise Variations

    • 34.Straight arm pull down variations

    • 35.Straight Arm Pull Down Variations

    • 36.Pull up variations

    • 37.Pull Up Variations

  • 5

    Technique Considerations

    • 38.Module 4 Technique Considerations

    • 39.Horizontal and Vertical Pull Technique Considerations

    • 40.Horizontal and Vertical Pull Technique Considerations

  • 6


    • 41.Summary

  • 7

    Case Study

    • Case Study: The Irritable Shoulder

    • Copy of Case Study : The hypermobile shoulder

  • 8


    • Upper body pull patterns

  • 9

    Feedback Survey

    • Feedback Survey

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