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    7 hours of online learning that also includes all the templates that you need to get started undertaking a office and home office ergonomic workstation assessment.

  • Learn At Your Own Pace

    You will have access to our online course for 12 months. The online course is divided into smaller modules that consists of online presentations, practical video demonstrations and pdf and web based resources.

  • Key Areas Covered

    We incorporate all elements of the workstation assessment, ranging from the case history and task analysis to the workstation assessment and problem solving of common issues.

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Learning outcomes

  • Review risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders in the office environment

  • Develop a simple step by step process to improve the set up of an individuals workstation

  • Implement control measures based on the risk control heirarchy

  • Deepen your knowledge with regards to strategies to reduce individuals risk of developing MSDs

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Workstation risk assessment templates

  • 2

    An introduction to occupational health

    • Introduction to occupational health

    • Occupational health quiz

  • 3

    Job task analysis

    • Job task analysis

    • Task Analysis Example

    • Task task analysis part 2

    • Job task analysis quiz

  • 4

    Desk and chair assessment

    • Desk and chair assessment part 1

    • Ideal chair features

    • Chair seat pan depth and width assessment

    • Chair seat pan adjustment

    • Chair seat pan tilt adjustment

    • Chair seat pan depth measurement and recommendation

    • Chair back rest height screening

    • Chair back rest height adjustment

    • Chair backrest height and angle adjustment

    • Chair back rest height measurement and recommendations

    • Chair back rest width measurement and recommendation

    • Chair height adjustment

    • Desk and chair assessment part 2

    • Adjusting the worker in a chair to a non adjustable desk

    • Footrest use

    • Seated thigh clearance requirements

    • Mismatch between desk and chair

    • Adjusting the desk to suit the worker whilst seated

    • Transitioning from sitting to standing at the desk

    • Standing desk height adjustment

    • Desk and chair assessment part 3

    • Desk and chair assessment quiz

  • 5

    Keyboard and mouse assessment

    • Keyboard and mouse assessment part 1

    • Mouse use observations

    • Ideal mouse position

    • Optimal keyboard position

    • Awkward keyboard related postures

    • Implementing a short keyboard

    • Alternate mouse options

    • Gel wrist rest use

    • Gel wrist rest use with mouse

    • Keyboard and mouse assessment part 2

    • Keyboard and mouse assessment quiz

  • 6

    Monitor assessment

    • Monitor assessment part 1

    • Optimal monitor position for single screen

    • Optimal monitor position for dual screen use

    • Monitor use if wearing bi focal or multi focal glasses

    • Monitor assessment part 2

    • Monitor assessment quiz

  • 7

    Other accessories

    • Other accessories part 1

    • Awkward postures associated with document use

    • Optimal document use

    • Laptop ergonomics option 1

    • Laptop ergonomics option 2

    • Laptop ergonomics option 3

    • Other accessories part 2

  • 8

    Environmental considerations

    • Environmental considerations

    • Environmental considerations quiz

  • 9

    Step by step guide to a workstation ergonomic set up

    • Step by step desk set up training video

    • Setting up a worker at their workstation, from start to finish

  • 10

    Working from home considerations

    • Working from home considerations

  • 11

    Finalising the report

    • Finalising the report

  • 12

    Case studies

    • Case Studies

    • Case studies quiz

  • 13

    Final considerations

    • Final considerations

  • 14

    Resources and references

    • Online Course Survey

    • Resources and references

    • Educational posters and handouts

  • 15

    Policy and Procedures

    • Privacy Policy

    • Policy Procedures & Cancellation Policy

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