• Ensure your workers meet their OHS manual handling training needs

    Covering everything from OHS requirements, hazard and risk management, manual handling pitfalls and best practice strategies

  • Learn at your own pace

    Our course consists of 6 modules made up of powerpoint presentations and videos that can be undertaken at your own pace

  • Course educators

    The course has been developed by osteopath Heath Williams of CWHA & Principle Four Osteopathy / physiotherapist Wade Brennan of CWHA & Central Physio & Health

Our course covers all the things your office worker needs to know regarding office based manual handling

  • What is manual handling and what manual handling training should include

  • Workplace and worker duties and consultation requirements

  • Defining hazard, risk and risk control levels

  • Hazardous manual tasks - a review of how injuries occur

  • A review of manual handling techniques, including lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, restraining and grasping

  • Manual handling in the office case study examples and strategies


Course curriculum

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  • Heath Williams

    Osteopath / S&C Coach

    Heath Williams

    Heath Williams Osteopath / Strength and Conditioning Coach www.principlefourosteopathy.com www.corporateworkhealth.com.au
  • Wade Brennan


    Wade Brennan

    Physiotherapist WHS Consultant Strength & Conditioning Coach

Ensure your workplace meets their manual handling training requirements

Office workers can train in office related manual handling training from the comfort of their workstation

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