This session is ideal for the business who would like to educate their team or entire business in how to optimise their home workstation ergonomics. This course is also a must for anyone who is self employeed and is now having to work from home.

Company discounts available for large groups

  • 20 minute webinar "Home office workstation desk set up training" presented by osteopath and WHS consultant Heath Williams.  This webinar focuses on educating the viewer on how to optimise their home workstation set up

  • 12 minute video that educates the worker on how to optimise their workstation set up whilst working with a laptop at the dining room table with dining room chair through to using a sit stand desk at home

  • Short videos on easy to implement upper body, trunk and lower body stretches

  • Short videos on easy to implement thera band exercises

  • We have also included PDF education handouts (workstation set up, stretching and theraband) that you can circulate within the business to support learning and application

  • Participants can complete a short quiz and download a certificate of completion for company training requirements

  • You will get access to the short instructional video for 3 months to review as many times as you like

  • Individuals can sign up and complete the course in their own time

Dont wait until musculoskeletal symptoms develop whilst working at home

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